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Replacement Costs

Throughout the school year, students lose many items.  Talbert Middle School maintains a Lost and Found cart inside the Event Center.  This cart fills up quickly, and when it does the items are then thrown away or donated to local charity.  If your child loses an item, have them check the Lost and Found, the Student and Administration Offices, as well as every individual classroom they have during the day, including the PE Locker room.  

Replacement Costs - If you need to purchase any of these items, have your child go to the Administration Office.

  • PE Shirt = $10
  • PE Shorts = $10
  • Student Handbook (Minder Binder) = $5
  • Student Workbook = $7-$25 (depends upon the course)
  • Student Textbook = $60-$95 (depends upon the course)