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Talbert 411

Talbert Middle School is a Middle School for students in Grades 6-8.  We're located in the city of Huntington Beach; however, we're part of the distinguished Fountain Valley School District.  Our high-quality instructional program is designed to meet the varied needs of our student population.  All students receive core curriculum instruction as identified by the Fountain Valley School District and State Standards.  Instruction is enriched through a variety of special programs and instructional strategies.  We offer a cluster program for identified gifted students and special services for identified special education students.  Our staff is committed to high standards for students, which will prepare them for their future.


Teachers, staff, and administrators continue to act on the principle that students come first.  The educational programs at Talbert are tailored to meet the needs of a changing school population.  Talbert Middle School is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of all students, providing them with a comprehensive educational experience that becomes an integral part of their lives.  Students are successful at Talbert because they don't fall through the cracks of life in middle school.  With over 500 students, we are unlike many other schools in our area that have twice this number of students.  This allows us to nurture, support, and connect with each one of our students on an individual basis.  We take great pride in being a school that helps students have a positive and enriching middle school experience, in order to be prepared for high school and beyond.