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My name is Robin Franks and I love being a history teacher and the PAL advisor at Talbert Middle School! I previously worked for Disney and IBM before settling into the best career in the world - middle school history teacher.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in American Studies as well as my teaching credential at Cal State Fullerton - go Titans.  I also have a Master of Arts in Teaching and nerd out about all things history when I get the opportunity.   I hope my students learn to love history as much as I have (or at least a little bit more than they used to)!  


I love to travel, and camping, hiking, and visiting historic places such as National Parks are some of my passions. I also love to geek out over things like Harry Potter and most things Disney.  I also travel with teachers and students to Washington D.C. during spring break every other year and would love for you to join us!  I love seeing the cherry blossom trees in bloom and the Smithsonians, Ford's Theater, Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery.  Please visit the Washington D.C. Trip folder for info for 2022.  I have traveled to international places such as France, Ireland, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Central America, and Canada.  I love to travel all over the United States and some of my favorite places have included Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier, Hawaii, Charleston, New Orleans, and Disneyworld in Florida and Disneyland in Paris!  This last summer I was lucky enough to travel to New Orleans and Zion National Park.  I would love to share my adventures with you and hear all about yours!  Please stop by room B10 and share your stories!


[email protected]  This is where you can email me directly!!! 

The problem with studying history is that the teachers just seem to Babylon.


If someone else had flown first, it just wouldn’t have been Wright. (but it wrong and that is a whole other story)


There are many marbleous statues in Greece, but many people take them for granite.


King Arthur’s army was too tired to fight, because of all the sleepless knights.


Last night on Dancing With The Tsars, Peter and Catherine were great but Ivan was terrible.


I saw the Liberty Bell.  It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.